Shea Richburg Board Member

Shea “Lion Mommy” Richburg is the premier Millennial Thought Leader in the world of Parenting. Shea is the best-selling author of the critically acclaimed, Worthless Mommy”, her unique framework designed to teach parents how to create a lasting bond between their newborns and toddlers throughout their lifetime. As an entrepreneur she serves as the Founder of Lion Mommy, Inc., a consulting company that coaches & mentors parents how to strategically design their own parenting style while facilitating a happy, healthy, and productive relationships with their children. She is also the President and CEO of “FamilyCon”, the largest annual family convention in America. She earned he BA in Linguistics from Rutgers University, is certified in Clinical Psychology for Children and Young People by the University of Edinburgh and seats on the Board of Advisors for the nonprofit organization G.I.A.N.T.S

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