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viBe Theater Experience, (viBe) provides girls, young women and nonbinary youth of color (ages 13-24) in New York City with free, high quality artistic, leadership, and academic opportunities. viBe works to empower viBeGirls to write, perform, and produce original theater, video and music about the real-life issues they face daily. viBe's performing arts and professional development programming provide viBeGirls a platform where they can amplify their voices, and “Speak Truth to Power,” by creating an artistic response to the world around them.


"viBe's work is engaging, provocative, and above else honest. In a society that often tries to silence and control the emotions and perspectives of girls of color, their candor is deeply refreshing. I had the privilege of facilitating a workshop with them and witnessing firsthand how they've created a real sense of community, confidence, and deepening of their own artistry. I am thrilled to be a member of the board and honored to be a part of the organization's growth!" -Rebecca Kelly Golfman, Racial Justice Facilitator, Theatre Artist & viBe Board Member

viBe hosts workshops delivering useful techniques for collaborative art-making, specifically and intentionally with girls and young women of color. Many girls and young women of color face unique challenges in finding safer spaces to express themselves, uncensored and untethered by restrictions on what they say, how they speak, and/or mis-perceptions about their capabilities.

Professional Development Workshops for Classroom Teachers, Teaching Artists, and Administrators

  • $350.00 per (2 hour) workshop (with 1 facilitator)

  • $500.00 per half-day (4 hour) workshop (with 1 facilitator)

  • $250.00 for any additional facilitator


“I am still haunted and inspired by the extraordinary performances by girls in viBe Theater Experience's show on Monday night. They created a piece imagining the experiences of the real-life 13-15 year old black girls (THIS IS A TRUE STORY!) who protested segregation at a movie theatre in Georgia in 1963 and were locked up in a stockade for nearly TWO MONTHS with no running water, barely edible raw hamburgers and only cement floors to sleep on, and yet... they created performances every day to perform for the white security guard, their only audience… Thank you for keeping these stories alive and for inspiring us to recognize the creativity, strength, heart and beauty of teenage girls! -viBe CoFounder

"These amazing women testified at the NYC Council on the changing landscape of Art in Trump America. viBe Theater Experience inspires teenage girls to write and perform original theater, video, and music about real life issues." -Laurie Cumbo, City Council Majority Leader

"viBe is an organization that I am proud to support. Their work with young women of color is phenomenal, and their original performances speak to the many issues that we should all care about!" -Ty Hunter, Fashion Director and Stylist to Beyoncé

viBe performances are professionally produced in notable theatrical venues across NYC. viBe emphasizes the power of narrative and seeks to create performances that move the lived experiences of girls and young women of color from “margin to center.” We believe that by centering the narratives of those most vulnerable, communities can uncover the everyday ways to create more healthful conditions, for girls and young women of color in this country, and the world.

Invited Performances/Post Performance Talkback

  • $500.00 per 90-minute performance/talk-back

Invited Performances/Post Performance Talkback *Requiring Travel

  • $1,000.00 per day for a 90-minute performance/talk-back

  • $500 per day for any additional staff member

  • *Pricing additionally depends on travel expenses



"viBeStages and viBeResidencies have been a tremendous addition to Achievement First University Prep. The Atmosphere that viBe provides allows our students a safe space to process their opportunities, feelings, and experiences. I have seen our viBe girls develop into young women who are more confident in themselves. We are so grateful for the partnership!" —Khrysta Evans, Achievement First Programs Coordinator

"I am so grateful for the viBe Theater Program! I have watch our young women become more confident, caring and creative as a result of their work with viBe. Many of the girls have deepened their understanding of themselves and found that they are truly interested in writing and producing their own work. Thank you viBe for empowering young women!" -Jill Coon, Theatre Educator, Brooklyn High School of the Arts

viBe is committed to a radical healing framework which calls for collaborators to uplift young artists by encouraging them to express themselves fully through collaborative ensemble performances. We hold space in rehearsals for girls and young women to get what we call their “nugget of free,” and to show up fully.

School and Community Based Residencies

  • $2,000.00 per 20 visits (approximately 3 months)