Tatianna, viBe Solos 2017

Christal: So far in your viBe journey can you say that you learned anything new about yourself? If so what is it, if not what creative part of yourself would you like to explore?

Tatianna: [So far] I learned that my voice matters. What I have to say, it holds strong powerful meaning.

Christal: How would you describe your personality in one word and how would you say you get that across in your writing?

Tatianna: Loud. I don’t like to do bare minimum things, I like to go all out in everything I do.

Christal: What’s your definition of being yourself?

Tatianna: [Don’t] let anyone’s comments or negative feedback impact how to want to carry yourself.

Christal: When do you feel it’s most important to use the power in your words?

Tatianna: At all times.