Briana, viBe Solos 2017

Christal: So far in your viBe journey can you say that you learned anything new about yourself? If so what is it? 

Briana: I learned how to be more open with my writing because usually in school they put a limit on what you can and cannot say. Here I learned to be more open. There are still limits, but I learned how to be more open with what I can do. A part that I would like to explore is being open outside of writing. Just talking to people in general, or people that I genuinely care about. I want to learn to be more open [also] when talking and having conversations.

Christal: How would you describe your personality in one word and how would you say you get that across in your writing?

Briana: I would say colorful. With my personality, I can't just say I'm funny, I can't just say I'm dramatic because I'm funny and dramatic, over the top. So I'm just like a bunch of things combined to make this beautiful rainbow. That's why I say colorful. 

Christal: How important is your time at viBe in your life on a scale from 1 to 10.

Briana: viBe is most definitely for me a 10 because I used to be very quiet and not open with people... now viBe is teaching me to be more open with people and making sure that there's someone out there that listens to what I have to say. Then I can listen to what they have to say.

Christal: What's your definition of being yourself? 

Briana: Well my cousin came up with this catch phrase that goes "Be yourself because everyone else is taken." So its kind of like, you're the only you, so if you can't be yourself, then what else to do?

Christal: Do you think it's important to speak up? If so, when do you feel it's most important to use the power in your words?

Briana: Yes, I think it is important to speak up because you can't just keep things bottled up inside, because then it'll make you go crazy. The best time to talk about issues is, immediately. You don't want to have it sit there for a while because it's like a dark cloud following you all the time. Of course you want it to be good vibes so if there's someone who cares about you, be open with them.