Tattyani, viBe SongMakers 2017

Christal: So far in your viBe journey, can you say that you've learned anything new about yourself? If so, what is it, if not what creative part of yourself would you like to explore?

Tattyani: I learned about a lot of things that happen in the music industry. As far as for me and what I learned from this program that made me grow, it helped me to believe in myself and realize that it's not okay to be having all these negative thoughts in my head. [I'll] be aware of it and then the next time I'll just be stronger and I'll just rebuke all the negative things that are happening in my mind when I'm performing.

Christal: How would you describe your personality in one word and how would you say you get that across in your writing?

Tattyani: I would say that I'm emotional and that's definitely portrayed in my writing because my writing is very melodramatic, and just basically describes my whole life.

Christal: How important has your time at viBe been in your life, on a scale from 1 to 10?

Tattyani: It's a 10 because [viBeSongMakers] is a milestone for me. I got to make an album, I got my first album, and this really is a jumpstart for me. From performing very my own songs in viBeStages, to making a whole album with viBeSongMakers, so yea this is definitely a milestone for me. 

Christal: What's your definition of "being yourself?" 

Tattyani: Being yourself is making yourself happy and doing whatever makes you feel good, and whatever makes you feel authentic.

Christal: Do you think it's important to speak up? And if so, when do you feel it's most important to use the power in your words?

Tattyani: It's most important to speak up when you feel that something is not right, and the moment when you're afraid to speak, you have to speak. Or else you're just going to hide in that little corner and you're not really going to take a stance or make your voice heard.