Meet the Girls of Summer viBeStages 2016!

Every summer, viBe Theater Experience holds tryouts for the viBe Summer Stages program, where girls create original an original theater piece, working with professional teaching artists in theatre, music and dance. In 2016, we are working with these amazing girls, and they are working towards presenting two performances at HERE Arts Center on August 16 and 17.

Tattyani Urquhart, 17
“People are replaceable, just because they have something that you love, doesn’t mean you won’t find it again. Surround yourself with people who will love you for who you are, rather than buying the love of someone who won’t.”

Ariana Saez, 16
“Take me to the cosmos, but don’t you dare think about bringing me back.”

Annisa Philip, 16
“Anything you can imagine is real.” - Pablo Picasso

Kazanna Sutherland, 16
“If you procrastinate, you will achieve nothing.”

Nya King, 17
“In everyone’s writing there is power”

Aissatou Bah, 16
“Dreams are always possible, as long as you try.”

Autumn Campbell, 17
“A mind is a terrible thing to waste.”

Aanya Myrie-Silburn, 18
“Those who care, don’t matter, and those that don’t matter, care”

Lynette Linares, 16
"You can only try!"

Aisha Ferdinand, 15
"Control." - Janet Jackson

Thea Sharpe, 15