Nova Lindstrom, 15

Nova Lindstrom is a student at Brooklyn High School of the Arts. She joins viBe Theater Experience for her debut performance on May 17 in "The Skin I'm In," the spring 2015 viBeStages show.

How did you get involved with viBe Theater Experience? How long? How many performances?
I was introduced to viBe last year via my drama teacher Ms. Coon from Brooklyn High School of the Arts. I went to the audition and it went really well, but something came up and I couldn't attend last year, so I decided to try again this semester. “The Skin I'm In” will be my first show with viBe, and I am very exited.

What has the experience been like? How has your participation in viBe impacted you personally, academically?
viBe has been a great experience for me. It has taught me that we all go through pretty much the same stuff just with different obstacles and that bad days will come but eventually go. Being a part of the group has made me get in contact with my inner feelings and thoughts more because I actually need to put what I feel onto the paper. It has had a really positive impact on me, and I'm very thankful.

What is the importance of viBe Theater Experience for teenage girls here in New York?
It allows you to express yourself without having half the world out there judging you. It's a place where you feel safe enough to open up and share what's on your mind or in your heart.

Here's an excerpt from Nova's writings for her debut performance with viBe in "The Skin I'm In" :
I am insecure, because I'm not society.
I am me, not some built up figure of lost hope.
I should be able to stand here and say that I am proud of the skin I'm in.
Who I've built myself up to be, the struggles I've been through but overcome.
I should stand here and scream out that I am good enough!
I'm fucking perfect the way I am.
But why don't i? Ask yourself.
Because honestly, I'm not your perfection, I'm not what you want.

Visit to buy tickets to see Nova in "The Skin I'm In" on Sunday, May 17, or for other viBe performances and events.