Jackie Torres viBeStages Teaching Artist

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Jackie Torres (she/her/hers) is an Afro Boricua poet, theater maker, writer, educator, and mal’criada whose work seeks to utilize storytelling as a method for personal healing and a demand for societal accountability, transparency, and reconstruction. She is the Poet/Playwright and a co-collaborator of IN THEORY: Notes on Home, Love, Diaspora, and Failing Adulthood; a dance and spoken word fusion about converting the pain of our past into the resistance of our future. Jackie is a Project X slam finalist, and played Tia Ramona in Desarrollo at this summer's Corkscrew Theater Festival. She has written multiple pieces on Afro-Latinx identity for The Kinfolk Kollective, Voix Noire, and Simone Digital. She is based in NYC. is an applied theatre practitioner, non-binary, intersectional feminist and educator who believes in the use of arts to address social justice issues. Lexy received her MA in Applied Theatre where she learned the valuable tools of participant centered teaching and theatre-making inspired by Paolo Freire and Augusto Boal. She has carried these tactics over into her personal projects as well, including Warrior Queen Initiative, LLC; an organization that provides resources and opportunities for those of the femme and non-cis communities to build tools of self-empowerment and advocacy. She has worked in program development and management for the last 7 years and is excited to be part the viBe team!

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