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viBe Solos Presents: The Truth About Our World
Co-Presented by viBe Theater Experience and Irondale Theater

The Truth About Our World is a show written and performed by the ladies of viBeSolos 2017. The show explores a range of issues that black girls currently face, including beauty standards, the struggle to find "beauty products"for darker skin, domestic abuse, LGBTQ identities and the fear of living under the regime of the current administration. The show is a fearless exploration of life for black girls in New York City, and hopes to help us all see the truth about our world.

Written by Autumn, Tatiana, Amaka, Briana, Sierra, Nathalie, Mia, Jenny and D'Yani, the young women of viBe Solos 2017

Featuring a performance by viBe SongMakers group Femme Fatale and Irondale's Young Company.

3 Shows: December 19th, 2016 at HERE Arts Center, NYC

"Little People, Big Voices" performed by viBe Stages Achievement First Residents Featuring: Adesuwa Otagho, Amaka Egboh, Tatianna "Tati" Atkinson and LaTavia Hippolyte "Crown Heights: A Remembrance" performed by viBe Alumna Monique Letamendi, Nicosie Cristophe, Aissatu Young, Cheyenne Deago, Jessica Exilus "Beauty Beneath the Surface" performed by viBe Stages Lauren Pile, Anais Richard, Tasnuva Shehrin and D'Yani Ward

teeth: a coming of age story

August 16th, 2016 at HERE Arts Center, NYC

a brand new viBeStages performance written & performed by Tattiyani Urquhart, Nya King, Aissatou Bah, Thea Sharpe, Mahfuza Akter, Kazanna Sutherland, Autumn Campbell, Annisa Phillip, Aisha Ferdinand, Ariana Saez, and Aanya Myrie-Silburn *additional writing and scene creation by Lynnette Linares and Lauren Pile directed by Gina Grandi

Wave 16's Lyracists Record Release party at JACK Space, Brooklyn - June 2016

viBe Solos States of Being at HERE Arts - April 24th, 2016

Constant Lie by viBeSongMakers group V7

2011 profile of viBe and its co-founder and first executive director Dana Edell. Dana provides the history of viBe's 2002 founding and its first 10 amazing years. From Brooklyn Independent Television 's Caught in the Act, episode 36.

The viBe Theater Experience of viBe girls themselves!