What People are Saying About viBe:

“I am still haunted and inspired by the extraordinary performances by girls in viBe Theater Experience's show on Monday night. They created a piece imagining the experiences of the real-life 13-15 year old black girls (THIS IS A TRUE STORY!) who protested segregation at a movie theatre in Georgia in 1963 and were locked up in a stockade for nearly TWO MONTHS with no running water, barely edible raw hamburgers and only cement floors to sleep on, and yet... they created performances every day to perform for the white security guard, their only audience… Thank you for keeping these stories alive and for inspiring us to recognize the creativity, strength, heart and beauty of teenage girls!” -viBe CoFounder

"I am so grateful for the viBe Theater Program! I have watch our young women become more confident, caring and creative as a result of their work with viBe. Many of the girls have deepened their understanding of themselves and found that they are truely interested in writing and producing their own work. Thank you viBe for empowering young women!" -Jill Coon, Theatre Educator, Brooklyn High School of the Arts

"viBe is an organization that I am proud to support. Their work with young women of color is phenomenal, and their original performances speak to the many issues that we should all care about!" -Ty Hunter, Fashion Director and Stylist to Beyoncé

"These amazing women testified at the NYC Council on the changing landscape of Art in Trump America. viBe Theater Experience inspires teenage girls to write and perform original theater, video, and music about real life issues." -Laurie Cumbo, City Council Majority Leader

"viBe's work is engaging, provocative, and above else honest. In a society that often tries to silence and control the emotions and perspectives of girls of color, their candor is deeply refreshing. I had the privilege of facilitating a workshop with them and witnessing firsthand how they've created a real sense of community, confidence, and deepening of their own artistry. I am thrilled to be a member of the board and honored to be a part of the organization's growth!" -Rebecca Kelly Golfman, Racial Justice Facilitator, Theatre Artist & viBe Board Member

"viBeStages and viBeResidencies have been a tremendous addition to Achievement First University Prep. The atmosphere that viBe provides allows our students a safe space to process their opportunities, feelings, and experiences. I have seen our viBe girls develop into young women who are more confident in themselves. We are so grateful for the partnership!" —Khrysta Evans, Achievement First Programs Coordinator

“My work schedule was very hectic, and for awhile I was missing her life that’s why she was crying… although she always knows I’m there. But you know I have to work on this because I go to work while they’re at school, I come home and they’re in bed. I’m sleeping while they’re leaving, it wasn’t right. So I was really fucking up there. So I changed my work schedule so that I could come here... that’s why you see a smile on her face. And everything because there’s a change” -viBe Parent

"It was exciting to connect Theater of the Oppressed NYC and viBe this year, to share approaches to income strategies and build longer term organizational relationships that can offer support on the topic of sustainability for art and non-profits. This excitement is also fed by my deep respect for the powerful performances created by young women of viBe, who shine on stage and shake the foundations!" -Sulu Leonimm, Joker and Program Director TONYC

"viBe has shown great strength, character, and flexibility since joining the Youth Inc Partner Network. Utilizing the resources available to them, viBe has seen tremendous growth in the past few years. Recently, viBe was awarded a BridgeFund Grant to continue to build their staffing capacity and have also begun the metrics program to assess the social emotional learning outcomes of their girls. We are excited to take this journey with them in supporting their growth as an outstanding youth-centered organization in New York City." -Tracie Gilstrap, Youth Inc. Senior Associate Director

viBe Community

viBe engages over 250 participants while also reaching over 500 New York City public school students and 1,000 audience members through performances at professional venues. They come to our organization from over 20 public high schools, predominantly in Brooklyn, & countless social service organizations throughout the 5 boroughs. 100% of viBe participants are girls of color, most live in under-resourced, low-income neighborhoods with poorly performing schools. While New York City public high schools have a 75% overall graduation rate and 70% graduation rate for Black and Latinx students, vibe maintains a 100% graduation rate from all its participants. Over 90% of viBe girls continue on to enroll in college attending universities such as: Syracuse, Temple, and Hampshire. And over 50% of our alumnae since 2002 remain in touch with us via social media and email, attend viBe performances and return as volunteers, interns and lecturers for current viBe girls.

Our audiences that we engage, mirror our participants’ demographics. viBe’s audiences are comprised of friends, teachers, family of the girls we serve and theatre lovers and arts activists. Our artists produce “new work that is relevant to diverse Brooklyn audiences”: experienced and inexperienced theatergoers. Our audiences represent a vast range of ages, genders, and ethnicities but many of them lack access to relatable, accessible theater. By keeping our performances free for families with suggested donations at the end of each show, we create an environment in which interested individuals can experience free, quality theater.



viBeStages is a collaborative performance experience in which 6-12 girls work with professional theater directors to write and perform an original show. 


viBeSongMakers is an advanced, 6 month program offered each year, providing the tools for 6-8 viBe girls to express themselves through writing/recording, composing and arranging a full length album of songs. The program pairs viBe girls with professional musicians to receive basic music instruction, then guides girls through the songwriting and recording process, which results in an album that is celebrated with a live performance. 


viBeApprentices is a leadership program geared toward viBe Alumnae in high school and college who have expressed an interest in exploring careers in theater. 


viBeSolos is an advanced performance program where girls craft and perform their own 15 minute “one-girl” solo pieces in collaboration with an ensemble cast. 


viBeTeenAudiences extends viBe’s reach into high school classrooms and community organizations through pre-performance workshops that introduce teenagers to the creative joys and powers of writing, editing, acting and performance.


viBeCompany is viBe’s pre-professional group of young adult artists who receive ongoing training, paid performance opportunities, and who devise original theater for viBe's invited performances. viBeCompany produces and performs one full length show each year. 


viBe Leadership Institute is a 6 month training program for young women aged 18-24, created to help them develop the skills necessary to lead arts programs, and become arts practitioners in the field. Over 6 months, they attend training workshops, a retreat, and receive ongoing, one-on-one support from viBe trainers and staff. Through the Leadership Institute, viBe trains participants to be arts practitioners in their own right so that they are able to "pay it forward" by first learning, mastering, and implementing viBe's unique training, and then learning, mastering, and implementing best practices within the field.